What is LIMS and why do I need one?

Laboratory information management systems (LIMS) are the software applications that help in the day-to-day operation of a lab. They allow scientists to easily and comprehensively manage all aspects of lab operation, from workflow and sample management to instrument integration and data recording.

Using LIMS allows scientists to boost productivity and can also aid with cost-cutting and quality and reliability of results.

LIMS developer Autoscribe’s new white paper addresses the need for lab software and provides a comprehensive review of how the kit can aid laboratories. It lists all the potential benefits when considering whether investment in LIMS is justified, with relevance to a wide range of applications, markets and industry. The document clearly demonstrates how lab software can help labs and scientists, whatever the requirements.

Based upon the experience gained from hundreds of LIMS implementations, Autoscribe’s white paper is written by managing director John Boother. Mr Boother himself has 27 years of experience in the LIMS business and 21 in running the company.

Further white papers will be released during 2011, to aid labs and scientists in the process of choosing and implementing LIMS software. The series has been designed to demonstrate the benefits of installing lab applications and help avoid the potential pitfalls of the process.

Along with Autoscribe’s expertise and reputation in the industry, the reports will ensure that all labs get a LIMS that suits specific requirements and not just a generic piece of software.