What is Labface for Suppliers?


Labface is a targeted online marketing service for scientific suppliers and manufacturers.

As you know, online marketing is much more than a few ad placements and the odd submission to online directories. Labface is the “science behind online marketing” – OK, we don’t mean science in the true sense of the word, but you can see what we are getting at.

Seriously, we are working with an impressive list of manufacturers and suppliers. More and more, they are looking at ways to improve their SEO and visibility, lead generation, link popularity, high quality clicks to their website and ways to improve what they get from advertising, PR submissions and much more!

We have a variety of services. One of our ‘off site’ services (which means online marketing off your site) is right here on labface.com. Here we provide a targeted product microsite service where we produce unique product pages based around your main products and application keywords/phrases. This means a unique experience for your customers and for search engines. This content is devoid of ads and distractions and gives people what they want to see quickly. This means no duplicated content, a unique experience for users and a system that works alongside your own website. Why not explore this service. CLICK HERE to read our Labface guide and see the related online marketing services.

We also provide other services and they include:

  • SEO help and consultancy on your site
  • Link popularity through other scientific channels
  • Microsite building for specific products
  • Blog creation
  • Social media ‘buzz’ promotion
  • Video production
  • Press release optimisation on your site
  • Landing Pages

And much more. In fact, we can handle almost any online marketing task or activity you can mention.