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A guide to avoiding the urge to smoke

Smoking is a habit that is so hard to give up, especially if you have been doing it for countless years. You know how bad smoking is for your health however and the best place for those cigarettes is definitely in the trash. As a smoker, when a craving hits however, it’s very hard to …

Osteoporosis Demystified: All About Osteoporosis

Fractures can be quite saddening, especially if you develop a fracture at a young age. What can make this situation worse is learning that the fracture will most likely be recurring due to a genetic predisposition that you have. This is what having osteoporosis feels like. It is a condition which affects the bones making …

How to Deal with Dry Skin

The average person’s skin should be soft and spongy to the touch, mostly due to its water content. The upper layer of skin should have at least 10% water, but 20 to 30% is more common and definitely healthier. If skin feels soft and smooth to the touch, this is known as a “normal” skin type. …

New anti-flu drug approved by FDA after 20 years

This year marked an exciting period in the field of medicine: the addition of another antiviral flu drug into the market. This follows the FDA‘s approval. Such an approval last occurred 20 years ago. This drug known as Xofluza (baloxavir marboxil) is used to treat flu infection before it becomes acute in the body. This …