Watson Marlow

The Watson-Marlow company is known around the world as the undisputed leader in peristaltic pumping and precision filling, with industry leading precision scientific pump and peristaltic pump tubing technologies and products relied on by scientific research, clinical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector clients worldwide.

The company has more than fifty years of experience in the scientific pumping field, producing a scientific pump for every purpose, with capacities which range from microlitres per hour to industrial pumps which are capable of pumping as much as 80,000 litres per hour; the widest range produced by any manufacturer in the world.

Watson-Marlow laboratory pump products and tubing are used to safely and reliably handle materials including vaccines, food and beverages, cosmetics, cement slurry, inks and adhesives and chemicals. Watson-Marlow pumps are designed to use the simplest and most efficient method of fluid transport: peristalsis. These pumps and peristaltic pump tubing use the model set by nature, providing the best possible scientific pump.

Simple and elegant, yet with a tireless commitment to producing ever more sophisticated scientific pumping equipment, Watson-Marlow is dedicated to providing their customers with the reliable, precise fluid handling solutions that facilitate advances in scientific and clinical research as well as improving production processes in the pharmaceutical and other industries.

The company is committed to being where their customers are, maintaining production facilities and sales staff in more than 60 countries and a staff of almost 400 dedicated people worldwide in order to provide their clientele with the highest quality precision scientific pump and tubing products, service and support available anywhere.