Ultraviolet/UV Imaging With The ActiPix D100 UV System From Paraytec

Paraytec’s ActiPix D100 Ultraviolet UV Imaging System has effected nothing short of a transformation in the UV detection field. This new UV area imaging system uses Paraytec’s renowned self referencing ActiPix detection technology to offer the highest sensitivity, the widest dynamic range and the smallest sample requirements (as small as a nanoliter). The UV imaging capabilities of the ActiPix D100 permits researchers to perform real time multiplex analyses and the instrument is opening up new possibilities for UV detection as a whole.

The ActiPix D100 is a compact instrument miniature capillary UV detector which is ideal for single UV wavelength monitoring as part of an on-line system. It’s perfectly suited for liquid chromatography and other separation methods including capillary electrophoresis. The remote sensor head of the ActiPix D100 is designed to permit it to be positioned precisely where you need it to be; and it can be clipped into nearly any LC, nano-LC, LC-MS or CE analysis stream thanks to its small size. The versatile, compact design allows the D100 to be coupled with syringe pumps and a variety of analytical and separation systems, with or without a mass spectrometer.

Features of the Paraytec ActiPic D100 ultraviolet UV Imaging System include:

  • Long lasting xenon lamp
  • 9 x 7 mm imaging area; 7 um x 7 um pixel size
  • Spatial resolution of 70 um
  • 190-1200 nM filter-selectable wavelength range
  • Linear dynamic range of .005 mAU – 500 mAU (5 orders of magnitude)
  • High resolution and high sensitivity
  • Real time imaging
  • In-line or discrete capillary detection allows for sub-microliter sample sizes


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