TTP labtech Ltd

If you are looking for a model of a successful 21st Century science and technology-based company look no further: consider TTP labtech. Part of ‘The Technology Partnership’ (TTP) Group, TTP labtech design, engineer and manufacture state-of-the-art automated laboratory equipment for the Biotechnology, Academic and Pharmaceutical industry.

Combining scientific expertise and engineering excellence, TTP labtech is a leader in automated screening, liquid handling, sample storage and management. The quality, robustness and reliability of TTP labtech’s innovative range of products serve both industry and academia well.

Nowhere is this approach better exemplified than with their high content imaging system, Acumen® eX3, the fastest laser based scanning cytometer currently available for high-content screening (HCS). HCS is a very powerful tool, especially in oncology and drug development and Acumen eX3 has a potential scanning throughput of over 300,000 microplate wells daily.

With three lasers and four detection channels, TTP labtech’s Acumen eX3, is ideal for rapid cell based multiplexing. This multiplexing facility helps make this impressive scanning cell cytometer suitable for a plethora of applications, including cell cycle analysis, stem cell phenotyping, protein kinase profiling, cellular migration and chemotaxis , cell adhesion and differentiation studies.

Mirrorball® is another example of TTP labtech’s proficiency with fluorescence detection, Particularly applicable to the mix-and-read-assay methods (FMAT assays) it also offers high sensitivity for the detection of low expression membrane bound proteins.

Not only is it capable of rapid single laser scanning, it can also simultaneously scan with 405, 488 and 640 nm lasers to excite a broad range of fluorophores. Mirrorball is ideal for the configuration of bead and cell-based multiplex assays in a wide range of antibody screening applications offering high sensitivity, speed and reliability, which sounds a bit like TTP labtech themselves.

Similar quality and assurance is also offered by the mosquito family of nanoliter liquid handling robots which are applicable to a wide range of procedures, from high throughput screening and protein crystallography. These products which can accurately pipette volumes down to 25 nL- regardless of viscosity – with no cross-contamination, include mosquito® HTS, mosquito® X1 for walk away hit picking, mosquito® Crystal, and mosquito® LCP for crystallography screening set up.

Including the soon to be launched higher volume liquid handler, mosquito® HV for scale up the company provide robust, accurate answers to automated liquid handling for both academic research and the drug discovery industry today.

Speed and reliability are also of the essence in their comPOUND® biological and compound storage and retrieval sample management system. The nightmare scenario of lost or degraded samples is negated thanks to comPOUND’s dry, inert, hermetically sealed, rigorously temperature-controlled modular system. Not only is sample deterioration by repeat freeze/thaw cycles minimised, but by using comPOUND combined with TTP labtech’s comPILER® you can create assay plates directly from the store.

TTP labtech’s family of compound management products provide an elegant combination of automated technology, including centrifugation, decapping, thawing, sample removal, recapping and restorage – all without human intervention.

With a focus on laboratory automation, on a larger scale their innovative technology has produced LAB2LAB, the world first automated sample transport system connecting research labs with analytical instrumentation laboratories.

This system, relying on pneumatic tube technology reduces both the time and hassle factor involved in the manual transportation of samples between labs and even buildings. LAB2LAB provides the ability for medicinal chemists to rapidly analyse not only chemical intermediates during reaction studies but compound integrity throughout all stages of compound synthesis.

Innovative software compatible with standard laboratory analytical equipment such as HPLC, UPLC, LCMS, GC/MS and even NMR enables efficient scheduling of sample analysis reducing queue times often experienced by medicinal chemists in analytical laboratories.

TTP labtech’s main office/s based on a 16 acre science park just outside Cambridge in the U.K. (and also in Cambridge M.A.), allows them to maintain and develop close links with both leading academic researchers and commercial developers.

Because they have over three quarters of their staff ‘hands on’ in R&D, they know and understand your problems and can produce the answers that save you time and money. Their breadth of knowledge and experience also helps ensure that advice, support and unrivalled service are always at hand, in this case without using robots.