Trilink And Real-time PCR Leaders Enter Into Agreement

TriLink BioTechnologies has made a distribution agreement with TATAA biocenter to sell its CleanAmp products.

Scandinavian-based TATAA develops and performs a broad spectrum of hands-on qPCR courses worldwide, as well as providing tailore-made products for real-time PCR applications, and is joining forces with TriLink, the manufacturer of custom products for the diagnostic and OEM markets.

The CleanAmp product line represents an innovative approach to Hot Start PCR and is the ideal complement to TATAA’s product and service offerings.

In developing the system, TriLink applied its expertise in modified nucleic acid chemistry to resolve common PCR problems, such as primer dimer formation and mis-priming.

The advancement of Hot Start technology uses two widely ignored components of the PCR reagent mix – primers and dNTPs. New and improved dNTPs are the latest addition to the CleanAmp product line, further boosting dNTP chemistry and allowing for improved amplicon yield in endpoint PCR and earlier Cq values in fast cycling real-time PCR.

“TATAA has established itself as a thought leader in the field of real-time PCR, and we are excited about the opportunity to expose our CleanAmp technology to the international research community through its training courses,” explains TriLink president and CEO Richard Hogrefe.

“We are confident that TATAA and its clients will be pleased with the results they see using CleanAmp products.”

TriLink’s CleanAmp Hot Start technique is much more versatile and easier to implement than alternative PCR systems and is supported by the firm’s application specialists.