Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc

Thermo Fisher Scientific is a dominant force in the world of scientific instruments. The instruments produced by this company are renowned for their ability to streamline even the most demanding analytical applications in routine and high throughput laboratory applications. Whether your laboratory is engaged in routine testing or more sophisticated research, Thermo Fisher Scientific manufactures instruments perfectly suited to your needs.

The company offers a wide range of products, from consumables to software and everything in between; all of world class quality and providing users with the highest standards of performance. For example their quadrupole ICP MSinstruments are highly regarded as the best in the industry and many more of their products produce consistently high acclaim.

Thermo Fisher Scientific is especially well known for its inductively coupled plasma (ICP) instruments, including solutions for ICP analysis, ICP-MS analysis and ICP spectroscopy as well as trace analysis and mass spectometry proteomics. From the life sciences to food production to trace metal analysis in geological surveys, Thermo Fisher Scientific is a name that laboratory personnel trust for quality and performance.

They are also known around the world as the company which produces scientific equipment which allows the advance of scientific discovery. Every product produced by the company is an industry leader; something which few if any other makers of scientific instruments can lay claim to.

Thermo’s support and service are as famed as their products themselves, with responsive, informative technical support and advice always close at hand, wherever in the world that Thermo Fisher Scientific’s high performance instruments are used. Of course, there’s hardly a country on the planet where theirs is not a household name. When it comes to quality laboratory equipment, particularly in the field of mass spectometry laboratory products, they are one of the first companies which comes to the minds of laboratory personnel.