Spectrophotometer design gets an upgrade

Cecil Instruments is always seeking to boost the usability and functionality of its lab equipment and the latest enhancement sees the design of spectrophotometers updated.

The double and single beam spectrophotometers now feature USB ports as standard. This means they can be directly controlled by a PC, which makes operation quicker and easier for scientists.

Simple but comprehensive DataStream software is used to operate the equipment. This allows data to be viewed, manipulated, processed and saved via the intuitive interface and menu options. Kinetics time plots and spectra can be automatically compared and saved in the library. Data can also be copied and pasted into Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other applications. This makes reporting far more efficient and allows the information gathered to be viewed in a way that is most suitable to the individual requirements.

All Cecil spectrophotometers offer fast, reliable, easy, accurate and precise measurements, meaning scientists have lab equipment they can rely on. The wavelength ranges extend to 1,100 nm, so a whole host of conditions are catered to.

Versatility is one of the key points of Cecil spectrophotometers. The devices incorporate many options, including high performance wavelength scanning, multiple wavelength analyses, multi-component analyses, kinetic analyses, calibration curves and spectral derivatives. And six language options means great usability.

The instant ESEF software options means users can specify programmes and have the equipment run these pre-determined processes over and again, exactly the same. Code-protected, user-created methods can be added easily.

And with many accessories available, including provision for nano tray cells, the spectrophotometers can be customised to suit requirements.