SMI-Labhut Ltd

Labhut’s business model comes down to one word: quality. A distributor and supplier of scientific instruments and laboratory supplies with an emphasis on chromatography, Labhut stocks only products which are of the highest quality and which provide their customers with the best in performance and value.

Labhut carries more than 4,000 different products from a variety of quality manufacturers and suppliers. Products available from Labhut include solvent recyclers, a wide range of HPLC columns, a comprehensive detector lamprange, a line of vial holder products and many other supplies for a wide range of different applications in the laboratory.

The company has an international network of distributors in more than 85 countries around the world, enabling Labhut to serve customers literally anywhere on the planet. Labhut is known not only for its enormous range of top quality products but also for providing a level of customer service which is second to none. The Labhut customer support and service department is staffed by experts with extensive experience in chromatography and the company’s level of advice and support is near legendary.

Labhut’s commitment to its customers and to the highest quality doesn’t end at the point of purchase; the company is happy to provide help after purchase to make sure that Labhut customers are able to make the most of the products they purchase from the company.

In chromatography and dissolution applications as well as many other routine laboratory tasks, Labhut is the name that scientists and laboratory technicians trust for the highest quality products and the most comprehensive support offered anywhere.