Scientific Incubator With Built In Germicide

The SANYO MCO-19M is the new CO2 multi-gas scientific incubator, giving precise environmental control for all lab situations.

Accurate control

By using a dual infra red solid state sensor, Co2 can be measured accurately without being affected by humidity or temperature changes on door opening. Furthermore, the CO2 sensor is constantly calibrated, so users know they can rely on the readings. This works by measuring O2 with a solid state zirconium sensor, which does not require maintenance. Removing this need for recalibration means reliable results all the time and limited user input for scientific incubator operation.

Both CO2 and O2 levels can in the scientific incubator be controlled via the PID controller, which ensures rapid recovery without overshooting the chosen gas level. And a stable and uniform temperature is ensured throughout the chamber thanks to the SANYO Direct Heat Air Jacket system. This too is PID controlled and allows the door to be opened without compromising the incubator environment.

Careful regulation of both gas levels and temperature ensure that experiments are reproducible and comparable, making lab time much more productive.

Contamination prevention

Contamination is not an issue with the SANYO scientific incubator. The interior is manufactured from InCu saFe – a copper-enriched stainless steel alloy that acts as a natural germicide. This inhibits growth of moulds, fungi, mycoplasma and bacteria, so scientists can leave their samples in the incubator safe in the knowledge that they will not be affected.

This automatic decontamination is continual, so no extra effort is needed to keep samples in good condition.

For extra protection, the SafeCell UV system can be used. This automatically decontaminates the lab incubator, using a UV illuminated air duct to maintain clean air within the chamber. This optional system is safe for cells as it does not produce ozone and the UV light will not affect cell cultures.

And where GMP procedures require additional decontamination, the SANYO Hydrogen Peroxide Decontamination system is the ideal choice. This effective and fast system can carry out a full decontamination cycle in just 130 minutes, greatly reducing equipment down-time.

It is also completely safe to use as the H2O2 vapour is contained within the incubator and broken down at the end of the cycle into water and oxygen. The Door Interlock and inbuilt alarms also ensure sample stay safe and secure.