Sartorius Group

A trusted name to laboratories, research institutions and manufacturers worldwide, Sartorius Group is known for their innovative use cutting edge technologies to produce practical, reliable solutions. That’s why you’ll find the Sartorius product range in use in clinical studies, labs, quality control departments and production processes in the chemical, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food production and other industries all over the world. When you rely on accuracy, Sartorius is the name to go with.

The Sartorius group product line includes:

Moisture detection systems including moisture meters and a line of moisture analyzer products; like the rest of Sartorius’ line, their moisture meter products are famed for their accuracy, reliability and durability. For measuring the moisture content of samples in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food or in any process where the end result relies on accurate measurements of moisture content, Sartorius moisture analysis products are the right tool for the job.

The Sartorius pH meters range: a family of user-friendly, accurate pH measurement tools which produce traceable, fully standards-compliant documentation – something many laboratory personnel had long wished for; just another way that Sartorius turns science into solutions! With automated calibration on many models and even a portable member of the pH tester range for working in the field, there’s a solution here perfect for every application.

Sartorius labatory scales and balances: the Sartorius range of laboratory balance products are the perfect solution for the needs of researchers and manufacturers for accurate, high resolution weight measurement. Durable enough to withstand the rigors of daily use in the lab and producing an accurate result every time, Sartorius has the right scale, from the simplest lab balance to the most complex analytical balances. These are the perfect measurement tools for a wide range of applications.

The Sartorius Group is also a leader in providing products and solutions for lab water applications and liquid handling, including pipettes and consumables for sample preparation.

Sartorius products are made with the needs of industry and science in mind and can be easily integrated into existing laboratory and production systems. Sartorius products are designed to be user friendly, reliable and intuitive to use exactly what every research institution and manufacturer needs.

With their ease of use, reliably accurate results and durable, built-to-last construction, Sartorius sets the standard for other manufacturers of scientific equipment to live up to. Always ahead of the curve, always at the front of the pack; that’s what has allowed Sartorius to remain the industry leader in scientific measurement instruments, why they’re a trusted brand name everywhere in the world and why their products are the first choice with science and industry alike.