RTS Life Science

RTS Life Sciences has been in the automated sample management business for more than fifteen years now and over this time, the company’s high performance sample and compound storage and retrieval solutions have won them loyal customers in the pharmaceutical industry (including eight of the ten largest companies in the industry), academic research institutions, medical and healthcare providers and organizations of all sizes which require reliable, user friendly automated sample storage solutions.

The company has made it its mission to be the leading supplier of automated sample management systems for the life sciences in order to advance the medical sciences and research, something for which RTS Life Sciences has become well known due to the advanced nature of its fully automated products.

RTS recognizes that automated storage and retrieval of samples has become an absolute necessity for the majority of laboratories; and with throughput demands constantly on the rise, the company has developed a range of automated sample storage systems called the “A” range which is in available in sizes which meet the needs of smaller laboratories with 1,000 or less samples to the largest facilities which require sample storage for literally millions of samples.

One of the applications which RTS Life Sciences has been particularly focused on recently is biobanking; the storage of biological samples and information associated with these samples for the use of scientific and clinical research. For nearly a decade, the company has been offering automated storage solutions for DNA and other samples which are commonly stored at biobank facilities; the A range of sample storage and retrieval systems happen to be particularly well suited to the needs of these biorepositories.

In the pharmaceutical sector, the company’s automated drug delivery innovations have allowed pharma research and manufacturing to advance with sophisticated solutions for development and quality control. RTS has developed automated inhaler testing systems, tablet testing systems and other products which streamline pharmaceutical testing and QA applications. Along with their range of automated sample storage products, these systems have made the company a name which is known worldwide for advancing new breakthroughs in medical science.