Priorclave Ltd

A single-minded focus on bringing quality laboratory autoclave products to their customers has enabled Priorclave to become one of the world’s leading producers of autoclaves for laboratories in pharmaceutical, medical, research, educational and industrial environments in an incredibly short time.

The London based autoclave manufacturer has managed to become a name nearly synonymous with high performance laboratory sterilization instruments, producing models for nearly every application. Priorclave produces a benchtop autoclave range for smaller laboratories, a large autoclave range including double door systems for sealed laboratories and rectangular section autoclaves for high throughput laboratories and everything in between.

The company also provides customers with the ability to buy autoclave solutions in custom sizes to meet the specific requirements of their laboratories’ space constraints and throughput requirements.

Priorclave’s founders have put their expertise in autoclaving technology to use in providing customers with the very best in laboratory autoclave systems. Their knowledge of the requirements of laboratory environments make for autoclaves designed with a mindfulness of space, like their exceptionally compact benchtop autoclave range – all of their instruments are designed to take up as little precious laboratory space as possible, with even the Priorclave large autoclave range being configured to occupy a small footprint.

The company has a commitment to advancing the state of the art and reinvests a significant portion of profits into research and development in the interest of continually producing better, more efficient laboratory sterilization products for the scientific, medical, educational and industrial sectors.

Innovations introduced by Priorclave are now industry standards, including low loading heights, compact design, modular construction, thermal safety locks, full microprocessor, media warming functions and vacuum assisted cooling – all a product of Priorclave’s mission to break new ground in autoclave technology.

Priorclave is dedicated to manufacturing the safest and best performing autoclaves in the world, with every one of their autoclaves being thoroughly tested for both safety and performance. All Priorclave products are produced in compliance with the BS2646-1993, BS5500 cat.3, EN61010-2-41, EN5008-1 / EN50082-1, HSE Note PM73 and European Pressure Vessel Directive -97/23/EC standards. The company’s manufacturing processes meet or exceed the ISO 9001 quality standards – as well as their own stringent standards for quality. If you are looking to buy autoclave products then look no further.