Priorclave celebrates export success

Respected UK-based autoclave manufacturer Priorclave has built on its successes in Britain with strong sales of its products in international markets.

With a number of notable contracts in the Middle East and Asia, the company recently chalked up a milestone achievement by providing no fewer than twenty-seven of its compact C40 steam sterilisers to a client in the United Arab Emirates.

Priorclave’s popular C40 model is a compact bench top steam autoclave with an impressive 40 litre capacity. Featuring a number of desirable features such as a vacuum drying facility that helps reduce cycle time and thereby increase productivity, the C40 has proven to be an increasingly popular export model.

Suitable for a wide variety of steam sterilisation applications, the Priorclave C40 has attracted customers looking for the perfect laboratory autoclave solution in markets such as healthcare and the food industry.

Easy to set up and use, the C40 is one of a range of products at the forefront of Priorclave’s international success, backed up by the company’s commitment to both manufacturing excellence, and comprehensive after-sales support and servicing.