Powder Testing In Super Quick Time

A new and exciting member of the Mercury Scientific line was released as the company introduces the new Evolution Powder Tester. The device is designed to test static powder flow and is set to provide new and interesting features that will deem it very useful in a number of working environments.

Sporting a simple and user friendly user interfce, the device is able to measure unconfined yield strength at pressures of up to 500KPa of a material. Measurements can be taken in one or multiple pressures. In order to perform, the Evolution Powder tester monitors the flow of the materials increase of strength as pressure becomes added to it.

Kicking out as a strong contender in the market, the Evolution Powder Tester works independently of any other measuring device and offers unique features and configurations. With designers focusing solely on the device’s function to measure the static powder flow, the device works faster than any of it’s competitors with a test-result time of a maximum of 3 minutes.

However for more time demanding tests, the Evolution Powder Tester is also able to produce high quality measurements in testing samples over longer periods of time. This flexibility provides all sorts of opportunities for researchers who are under constant pressure to perform various types of tests. Furthermore, the Evolution Powder Tester’s time cells are fully functional when placed in potentially compromising areas such as an oven – and esults will remain unaffected. Once again, this is a winning feature of the Evolution Powder Tester when placed in comparison to it’s competitors.

For researchers that are looking for exceptionally advanced measurements of powder testing, the Mercury Scientific Analyzer which specifies it’s function in dynamic powered testing.

Paired with the Evolution Powder Tester, the ability to measure all effects of environment conditions and processes of materials can be achieved. In addition to this, results can be taken in the stages of handling, transportation and storage which continues to prove Mercury Scientific’s excellence in this field while maintaining lower prices than it’s competitors.