Porvair Sciences Limited

Porvair Sciences is a manufacturer of equipment for specialized applications, with an emphasis on products for filtration, environmental technology and life sciences applications.

The company employs more than 500 people in its operations located in the United Kingdom, the United States and Germany. This is a truly international company which is dedicated to offering high performance solutions which enable the advancement of medicine and the sciences.

Porvair designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of equipment for filtration including molten metal and water filtration. The life sciences market is one in which Porvair has an especially high level of expertise, producing a range of microplates which include 96 well plate, 384 well plate and PCR plates, among others in the company’s wide assay and sample storage plate range.

Porvair has had a special focus on the life sciences market for nearly two decades now, emphasizing on microplate manufacture. The company’s microplates are made for the needs of research and development in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and molecular biology; including clear-bottomed assay plates and even black assay plates to protect the integrity of samples which are sensitive to light during assay applications or even over long term storage.

Bringing the expertise in filtration and engineering to bear in designing innovative new solutions which offer solutions to customers in the range of industries served by Porvair products is the company’s mission. Porvair is dedicated to helping speed along advances in the life sciences and environmental technology which improve the world we live in; each and every Porvair product is made with this goal in mind.