Pipette Tips From Anachem

Anachem is well known as a producer and supplier of pipettes and pipetting equipment including a wide range of pipette tips, with products for virtually any application. The company produces or distributes far too many different tips to be listed here, but the following is a sampling of the company’s top quality tips for pipettes.

The EarthSaver Range

Anachem is as concerned with environmental impact as your laboratory is. The EarthSaver range of tips are packed in 100% biodegradable packaging including refill inserts and plastic tip racks made from a safe, fully biodegradable co-polyester material. A wide variety of Anachem tips are available in this new environmentally friendly packaging.

RAININ BioClean Pipette Tips

These inert tips will not intefere with or have any detrimental affects on your experiments. These unblemished tips are made in a top quality manufacturing facility within a clean roon environment.They are not touched by human hands during production or packaging. They offer the best precision and complete purity.

Rainin Traditional Filter Sterile Tips

Rainin sterile filter tips are made for pipettes of .1ul-10ul volume using traditional shafts. These tips offer sealed bases and overlapping lids to protect against contamination from dirt, dust and microorganisms. A two-position lid allows these tips to be autoclaved with the lid in vent position. Certified DNA, DNase, RNase and pyrogen free, Rainin sterile filter pipette tips are gamma radiation pre-sterilized.

Features include:

  • Non-flexing sturdy constriction for easy tip loading with multi-channel or single pipettes
  • Hydrophobic pure polyethylene filter with no contaminants or additives forms a barrier against liquids and aerosols to prevent cross contamination – 20 micron average pore size blocks aerosols without restricting air flow
  • Rainin aerosol resistant sterile filter tips are made from a chemically inert, ultra strong pure virgin polyethylene which does not shed particles which can interfere with assays


There are many other products available in Anachem’s range of pipette tips, pipettes and other laboratory equipment. Anachem provides many products for any laboratory and any liquid handling application.

Anachem also display related products and associated services on this website including PCR Plates, PCR Reagents, multichannel pipette, Liquid Handling System and Laboratory Microtubes