PCR Tubes Enhance Results

Anachem’s component PCR strip tubes allow optimum results in the laboratory, giving scientists complete reliability and reproducibility in their PCR tests.

The 4titude FrameStrip tubes have thin polypropylene walls, allowing for optimum thermal transfer. Furthermore, the combination of a frame portion moulded in a rigid polymer vastly improves the strip’s mechanical stability, making it easy and reliable to handle, giving scientists complete confidence when running PCR assays.

FrameStrips are also available with white wells in black frames for QPCR and other optical assays, and in five different coloured frames with clear tubes for colour coding of experiments. Organisation is also enhanced by the end tabs which are incorporated for easy handling and labelling.

The PCR tubes are available with domed cap strips or flat optically clear caps and have been designed to fit all thermal cyclers. And for an endless supply of unique code combinations, off-the-shelf 2D bar codes are available, which when used with the 2D reader and user-friendly software, enables consistent and convenient sample management.

Proven technology

Anachem’s 4titutde FrameStrip PCR tubes have proven their capabilities time and again.

In a study on the miniaturisation of a QPCR assay with reduced reagent volumes to achieve cost savings in gene expression analyses in rumen epithelium, warp-free 2-component PCR tubes from the 4tittude range were used.

The improved sealing properties of this 96-well plate effectively prevented the evaporation of smaller volumes. This allowed PCR reagent volumes to be reduced by up to 40%, without compromising the results, reliability and reproducibility.