Paraytec Ltd

Paraytec is a company which does one thing and does it so much better than anyone else that they lend an entirely new meaning to the word specialization. The company designs, develops and manufactures the renowned range of ActiPix detector instruments; instruments which are so advanced that they have literally advanced the state of the art and even opened up entirely new possibilities in terms of applications in the fields of pharmaceutical research and development, dissolution testing, UV imaging, membrane studies, membrane protein sizing and nano sizing.

Paraytec’s advanced self referencing ActiPix detection platform has been a game changer in UV-vis absorbance measurement, being compatible with a range of separation methods and analytical systems including capillary electrophoresis, ultra low volume syringe pumps and indeed ultra low sample volumes in general as well as with capillary and nano liquid chromatography systems.

In the field of pharmaceutical research and development, the company’s ActiPix technology and the advance surface dissolution imaging it makes possible promises to significantly reduce the time that it takes to take new drugs from the development phase to being ready for the market due to the ability to gather surface dissolution data in a fraction of the time conventional imaging systems need to generate the same information.

Like everything this company does, Paraytec’s ActiPix systems are a sign of a company which is not content to simply create; but a company whose boundless innovation drives them to provide the scientific community with solutions which present the technology of tomorrow before others were even aware it was possible.