Oxoid Limited

Oxoid is a company with a long history – back in the 1800s, the company which would eventually become Oxoid began. What is now one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of supplies for the microbiology lab including microbiology media, culture agar, biochemical reagents, diagnostic reagentsand other products including a blood culture bottle and blood culture systemrange started in the 1800s, with one of its earliest products being the popular Oxo meat extract cube.

Oxoid’s products soon expanded to glandular extracts and other products for hospitals as well as the culture media with which the company became synonymous by the 1950s. Constant growth has been the rule for Oxoid, with locations in 17 countries.

The company has long placed an emphasis on ensuring that their staff are extremely knowledgeable. Experienced scientists are active recruited not only for R&D positions, but even sales and marketing staff are largely drawn from among those with a background in microbiology.

This and the stringent quality control processes the company has put into place ensure that Oxoid customers receive the very best in microbiology media, blood culture systems, culture agar and the many other products manufactured and distributed by the company. Oxoid has held ISO 9000 certification since 1990 and 13485 certification (for medical devices) since 2004.

A commitment to innovative product development sets Oxoid apart from many other companies. The dehydrated media the company is known for remains an important part of its offerings, but Oxoid is continually developing new products to advance the speed of isolating pathogenic microorganisms from food, clinical and other sources. Among the newer products produced by Oxoid are the Oxoid Aura Image, an automated zone reader for clinical samples, the OBIS range of biochemical identification systems and a new chromogenic media range.