Nikon UK

Nikon is a name which needs no introduction; the brand is globally acknowledged over as the leader in the scientific and laboratory optics industry. Nikon is the only manufacturer of laboratory microscopes to produce their own glass – that’s how careful the company is about quality assurance for every lab microscope and other laboratory optics instruments it makes. With nearly a century in the precision optics industry, Nikon combines its experience with an emphasis on creativity and technological innovation.

Founded in 1917 by the merging three Japanese optics companies as a producer of precision optical glass, Nikon quickly began to produce microscopes, including the first microscope to feature interchangeable objectives and revolving nosepiece. This innovation was followed by a polarized light microscope and stereomicroscope range over the following decades.

The 1980s and 1990s were a time of rapid growth for Nikon’s scientific instrument range following its introduction of the CF Optical system in the 1970s, with Nikon’s microscopy products being instrumental in the development of cloning technology (Dolly the sheep was cloned in a process which used one of Nikon’s high performance microscopes). Nikon has also been a leader in the incorporation of digital imaging technologies into laboratory microscopes and has even begun producing other laboratory instruments such as their rotary microtome range.

Keeping pace with and in many cases advancing new technologies has always been Nikon’s mission. The company has continued to lead the optics industry with instruments for observation of live cells and interdisciplinary solutions in biophysics.

Now as ever, Nikon is the most trusted name in optics and its scientific imaging systems are renowned for being some of the highest quality, most reliable instruments available from any manufacturer. Their commitment to always being a step ahead of the rest of the optical systems world and their dedication to providing customers with the best in instruments and support has made Nikon a name which is known in laboratories the world over.