Molecular Devices

The scientific instrument manufacturer Molecular Devices was founded in 1983 and introduced its first microplate reader to the market four years later. Ever since, the company has grown to provide an ever larger set of solutions to customers in the scientific and medical fields, both through the development of new products internally and through acquisition.

With the acquisition of Universal Imaging Corporation in 2002 and Axon Instruments in 2004, Molecular Devices expanded its product lines to include microarray data analysis software and other microarray scanners and software solutions, electrophysiology products and high resolution scanning cell based screening workstations. The company now also includes microplate washers, ELISA plate reader instruments and transport assay kits along with a wide range of other products.

The mission of Molecular Devices is to advance the state of life sciences research and pharmaceutical development by providing its customers in the pharmaceutical industry and the sciences with the high performance systems for bioanalytical measurement which enable them to increase the pace of discoveries. The systems and consumables produced by the company are designed to help the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors to make the most of the advances in genomics and other fields by increasing the cost effectiveness and efficiency of pharmaceutical candidate evaluation.

All of the instruments and other solutions manufactured by Molecular Devices are the product of the company’s engineering, cellular and molecular biology, chemistry and electrophysiology expertise. The company has a well established track record of being the first to market with unique and innovative reagent systems, instruments and advanced software which make new breakthroughs in pharmaceutical research and the life sciences happen sooner.