Microplate Washers From Molecular Devices

The AquaMax 2000 and 4000 series of microplate washers from Molecular Devices are an entirely new kind of laboratory plate washer. Their modular designs allow for easy configuration of a system which fits right into existing microplate applications and makes upgrading your system to meet changing assay requirements easy and just as importantly, affordable. No additional equipment is needed until you’re ready to upgrade; meaning that AquaMax users aren’t left with obsolescent equipment when the time comes.

Featuring interchangeable 96 and 384-well wash heads, the capabilities of the AquaMax series can be adjusted in a matter of seconds without any tools; no calibrations or alignments are required. AquaMax microplate washers are designed for microplates used in biological assays in the life sciences, including ELISA, immunoassays and cytotoxicity assays, along with many other cell based assays common in high-throughput screening applications.

The AquaMax series provides rapid processing of microplates due to its ability to wash all wells at once rather than the sequential filling and aspiration procedure used by many washers. The efficient, thorough washing provided by the AquaMax 2000 and 4000 reduces background interference for more reliable, accurate assays and eliminates the problem of clogged dispense heads and probes, the number one cause of failure in microplate washers – the built in reverse flush feature cleans the instrument head as well as the probes and the AquaMax’s air purge feature dries both head and probes to prevent the growth of mold.

Features of the Molecular Devices AquaMax 2000 and 4000 series of microplate washers include:

  • Modular design integrates smoothly into current microplate applications including workstations and automated platforms and provides streamlined, lower cost upgrade path
  • 2 fluid inputs (AquaMax 2000) or 4 fluid inputs (AquaMax 4000)
  • Completely self contained units require no external pumps or computers
  • Unique cleaning functions prevent clogged dispense probes and wash heads, the most common cause of failure in microplate washers