Micromeritics Instrument Corporation

Micromeritics refers to the study and technological applications of small particles, something which was very much on the minds of Warren Hendrix and Dr. Clyde Orr back in 1962 when they built what was to the best of anyone’s knowledge the world’s first all metal gas adsorption analyzer small enough to be transportable.

Developed to provide a better alternative to the then-standard glass rack measurement technique for determining particle size, the two decided to begin a company to provide better solutions for particle sizing and analysis – and the name Micromeritics was an obvious choice. The company has grown continuously since they began and has long been a leader in the particle sciences and in the field of particle technology.

Characteristics including pore size, material density, surface area/active surface area and particle size are critical to understanding the properties of many materials. The information drawn from these measurements enables new product development in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, textiles, ceramics, food production, pigments and paints as well as advances in nanotechnology, geology and polymer science to name just a few of the industries and sciences which use Micromeritics instruments in their study of the properties of materials.

Micromeritics produces a wide range of scientific instruments and laboratory equipment designed for research and practical application of particle science and particle technology. The fast-growing area of nanoscience is a particularly important area for the company, with many of their instruments being well suited for nanotechnology and nanoscientific research applications.

The company’s product lines include particle size analyser instruments using sedimentation, electrozone and laser diffraction methods for particle size analysis, mercury porosimetry and physical adsorption instruments for measurement of surface area and porosity, gas pycnometry and solids displacement measurement for instruments for material density and chemical adsorption instruments for measurement of active surface areas of surface energy, catalysts and metal dispersion.

Micromeritics is committed to producing the highest quality instruments possible for its customers; the company sought and was awarded with the ISO 9001-2000 certification in 1994. Most Micromeritics products and major accessories are CE certified, assuring Micromeritics customers that their particle sizing instruments meet the very highest of standards.

The company and its instruments have won a variety of awards over the last four decades that they’ve been designing and manufacturing particle analysis instruments, including awards from the American Ceramic Society, the Georgia Governor’s International Award, the Gwinnett County Chamber of Commerce, the Chemical Processing Vaaler Award and many more. Widely known as the leader in particle science technologies, Micromeritics is poised to continue its constant growth, one eye trained firmly on the future.