Mettler-Toledo Ltd

The story of the Mettler Toledo company began in 1945, when Dr. Erhard Mettler, a Swiss engineer founded a precision mechanics company in Kusnacht. Dr. Mettler was the inventor of the substitution principle with a single pan balance. Before long, the single pan analytical balance began to supplant two pan balances in laboratories worldwide. In the following decade, the Mettler company developed balances which could measure a ten-millionth of a gram and “Mettler Balance” became a household (or at least a laboratory) name.

Mettler was also the first to produce an electronic precision balance; this balance was also the first electronic balance to receive Class 1 certification for accuracy and Mettler was off to a head start into the just dawning electronic age.

The company now produces a wide range of precision instruments for laboratory and industrial environments, including thermogravimetric analyzerinstruments for thermogravimetric analysis and industry leading instruments for measuring density; Mettler’s density meters are known as among the best and quite possibly the best of their kind.

Mettler Toledo now employs over 10,000 people all over the world, with production facilities in the UK, the USA, China, Switzerland and Germany. The company’s service and support operations span the globe and Mettler Toledo strives to be able to respond quickly to customer needs, wherever their customers may be.

Although the company also produces a comprehensive range of solutions for industrial processes, it is the laboratory environment that Mettler’s instruments are best known in. The company manufactures instruments which are integral to applications in the scientific, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food research and development laboratory as well as in quality control labs and in the production process itself.

Mettler is the industry leader in laboratory balances, pH meters and pipettes – the three most commonly used types of instruments in laboratories all over the world, something that speaks volumes to the expertise of this company when it comes to laboratory equipment; for those very few people who aren’t already familiar with Mettler Toledo.