Measuring Viscosity Is A Breeze With The Micro VISC

New and exciting technology was recently launched by RheoSense who proudly released their µVISC as a strong contender in the viscometer market. Boasting an advanced platform for measuring viscosity, the device is able to provide fast and accurate results and offers a strong level of reliability for constant use or repeated measurements.

The device is designed to provide great quality results while remaining to be simple to use – a plus point when considering the competition. In order to perform a measurement, a sample must be measured and loaded in to a disposable pipette. The pipette is then slotted in to the device to prepare for measurement. The sample is then analysed and results of all samples will require 60 seconds for results to be displayed. The fast device does not require cleaning between measurements and it’s accuracy exceeds 1% of Full Scale or 2% of the reading.

The device includes many attractive features, such as it’s low weight which is considerably lighter than it’s opponents and easier to carry around the studied environment. The device also holds an automatic cleaning function as well as promising no evaporation losses, making the device a fuss free product for all. Benefits of these features become priceless in a hectic work environment and allow people to work faster with less stress while achieving more accurate results.

For users who are learning how to use measuring tools like the µVISC, the device is tailored to suit the needs of people at all levels. Dependent on the users experience, the µVISC displays a variety of operational modes to suit the level of experience that the holder is use to working with. This feature provides great use for students as well as advanced researchers.

As science progresses, they tools required become faster and more accurate. The µVISC is another great example of the necessity of good equipment in the work place.