Measuring L-Lactate and Ethanol simultaneously

20th July 2015

This application note refers to the fast and simple procedure of measuring L-Lactate and Ethanol in tomato-based products such as tomato paste and ketchup.

Within one minute, the YSI Biochemistry Analyzer is able to measure both L-Lactate and ethanol in the ingredients, progressing product and finished product of tomato based products.

By using a sample as small as 20 microliters, the YSI Biochemistry Analyzer displays and prints results within a minute. After results, the sample is flushed 30 seconds later from the sample chamber. Results achieved at all stages of measurement are not affected by the potentially stifling factors of pH, density, tubidity, colour and reducing substances.

Once the sample has been flushed, the device is left for two minutes before being able to start another analysis with a new sample.