Measuring Glucose in Bioethanol Production

20th July 2015

This application refers to the simple and speedy procedure in measuring glucose in complex matrices with the YSI Biochemistry Analyzer.

Difficulty in obtaining an accurate glucose measurement in complex matrices such as corn mash can be easily solved by the unique enzyme technology of the YSI Biochemistry Analyzer. Results are quickly obtained without the potentially hindering factors of pH, reducing substances, density, turbidity or colour.

To perform, the YSI Biochemistry Analyzer measures the glucose in as little as a 25 micrometers. Results are displayed within 30 seconds and the sample is then flushed. Given two minutes the device is able to perform again with a new sample.

In a recent study, the glucose was measured in both diluted and filtered corn mash samples which were taken from both a 12 hour fermentation stage and a 24 hour fermentation stage of a production-scale bioethanol operation. Both samples achieved accurate results and the quick timing of the YSI Biochemistry Analzyer makes a simple for stage to stage analysis of glucose.