Malvern Instruments Ltd

Malvern Instruments is committed to providing industry with the tools it needs to continually refine, improve and optimize their products and manufacturing processes. Malvern produces a range of instruments for measuring viscosity and other rheological applications, particle size analysisand other instrumentation to allow measurements which enable increased understanding of particulates and materials.

The company’s instruments offer the measurement solutions which lead to improvements and breakthroughs in material design and development including dispersion systems, macromolecules and nanomaterials. Their particle size analyzer and characterization systems, viscosimeter solutions and other measurement technologies are part of their large and growing number of patented innovations in the particle analysis field; the expertise in technology and practical applications which provides Malvern’s customers with an edge over the competition.

Malvern produces analytical instruments which are used to characterize materials from bulk powders to tiny, delicate macromolecules and nanomaterials. All of the company’s advanced measurement technologies are delivered in a user-friendly manner with innovative software which provides users the data they need to connect particle size, material properties and chemical composition – and incorporate them into their product development processes.

From micro to macro, zeta potential to particle shape and size, molecular weight to composition, Malvern’s range of instruments do it all. Laboratory, in-line, on-line and at-line solutions from Malvern are at work in industries from cement production to pharmaceutical research and development. Malvern’s expertise and commitment to customer support includes comprehensive, responsive assistance to customers where and when they need it.

With headquarters in Malvern, UK and subsidiaries in North America, Japan, Korea, China and all major markets in Europe as well as a joint venture in India, Malvern’s distribution network and application laboratory operations are truly global in scale. Even those customers in countries where Malvern has no presence have Malvern’s website, itself an area of the company’s focus at their disposal.

Featuring resources including training and support, product information, technical specifications and applications information and interactive training, it’s an example of how much thought and attention to quality goes into everything Malvern offers its customers.