LIMS System From Autoscribe

Different laboratories and other testing environments call for a LIMS system with different capabilities; not only is every facility unique, but the needs of these laboratories change frequently. Autoscribe provides LIMS software which is easily configurable by users, is easy to add new functionality to through modular software design and allows laboratories to increase their efficiency and accuracy.

A laboratory information management system which can be implemented and configured by the user with a user friendly graphical interface gives laboratories the agility they need to keep up with the changing demands in testing and methodologies in their field. Autoscribe’s Matrix Gemini LIMS is an information management system which grows along with the needs of users.

The configurability and ease of upgrading and extending an Autoscribe LIMS system has made the company’s LIMS the number one choice of businesses outside of the traditional scientific and medical user base of laboratory information management software. Autoscribe’s software is in use in the nuclear energy sector, water and wastewater treatment and management, food and other consumer product quality control and a number of other industries and applications.

Autoscribe LIMS feature an intuitive user interface; this is one system which stands out for its exceptional ease of use. A graphical interface which features a visual representation of workflow in the laboratory or other application makes it a simple matter for any user to immediately begin working with this sophisticated LIMS system. Any step in this workflow display can be clicked to pull up associated tasks – a significant time saving feature for busy, high throughput testing environments that need maximum efficiency from their information management solutions.

From single workstation systems to globalized server-client setups and web based interfaces, Autoscribe builds in scalability to all of its LIMS products. Instead of transitioning to different software in response to expansion, Autoscribe LIMS can be reconfigured to meet changing needs. For any laboratory or any business or organization in search of a powerful, fully configurable, standards compliant and traceable sample testing, inventory management or any other data management, the ideal solution is available in the form of an Autoscribe LIMS system.