LIMS Software from Autoscribe

Laboratory information management or LIMS software is what Autoscribe is best known for. The company’s Matrix range of information management systems is made for the efficient handling of high volumes of sample and testing data, with the flexibility to suit applications across a wide range of industries from food production to the nuclear industry as well as the clinical and research laboratory setting.

Unlike many LIMS systems which are difficult to use, let alone configure, Autoscribe’s LIMS system features a user-friendly, wizard-style configuration interface. Since information management systems in the laboratory often need to be versatile to cope with the needs of different applications in the same facility, often between different testing methods, this is a feature which has brought Autoscribe LIMS software much acclaim and a base of loyal users.

It’s full range of easy to use configuration options allow Autoscribe Matrix LIMS to be adapted to the constantly growing and changing needs of the modern laboratory. The software can interoperate with a wide variety of other common software and an array of different instruments and systems including fully automated applications in the laboratory.

Seamless instrument interfacing is only the beginning of Matrix LIMS’ capabilities, however. Autoscribe’s laboratory information management system can be harmonized with ERP/MRP systems for automatable invoicing, reports and other functions. This is an application for the company’s laboratory software which increases efficiency and can eliminate the costly transcription errors that are inevitable in high volume environments where a less fully featured LIMS is not in use.

Scalability is part and parcel of the design of Auoscribe’s LIMS. The system can be used as a server-client setup for the facility’s LAN or with web-based interface which allows users to log in and continue work even when out of the lab. From smaller laboratories to large research institutions with many different laboratory facilities, Autoscribe provides its customers with flexible and powerful LIMS software which can meet the needs of any laboratory or quality control department today and grow along with them in the future.