Laser Particle Sizer Offers Excellent Measurement Range

The new laser particle sizer from FRITSCH allows measurement of even nano-particles, with an extremely wide measuring range of 0.01 – 2000 µm.

The ANALYSETTE 22 NanoTec plus is the ideal laser particle sizer for effective and reliable determination of particle size distribution in any application.

FRITSCH’s innovative laser technology allows separation of five different measuring ranges, offering exceptional flexibility and outstanding resolution and sensitivity, even down to the nano range.

Users can choose between three measurement positions of the measurement cells, meaning measurements can be taken in different ranges without modification. This gives optimal adaptation of readings dependent on the sample being measured.

Regardless of the measurement solution selected, the ANALYSETTE 22 NanoTec plus always uses all 57 measuring channels, which gives high resolution and sensitivity.

A third laser beam utilises backward scattering measurement, extending the particle size determination down to the nano range. This irradiates the sample directly in front of the detector, making nano measurements usable and reliable.

And because particle size measurement is only as good as its dispersion, the ANALYSETTE 22 NanoTec plus has been developed as a practical modular system with perfectly conceived units for dry and wet dispersion. When switching between these options, the measuring cell can be easily exchanged without hose changes or instrument modifications. And the cartridge not in use can be stored within the dispersion unit, so the whole system remains neat and tidy.