Lancer UK Ltd

Lancer UK is the industry leader in automated washing systems for clinical, research, product testing, quality control and assurance and pharmaceutical production environments, among others. Lancer produces a wide range of high performance specialized surgical instrument washing, endoscope cleaning, laboratory glassware washer systems and other laboratory washing machines to name just a few of the washing and decontamination systems the company offers.

In the automated washing machine business for over four decades, Lancer has been growing continuously. In the last three years alone, Lancer’s production facilities in Toulouse, France being expanded by 50% to keep up with demand for its products.

What’s Lancer’s secret to its status as the number one choice of hospitals, academic and private research institutions, pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers of all types? It’s the company’s attention to quality and the highest standards of performance. Lancer’s laboratory washers are created for demanding, high volume environments and all of its washing machines are CE marked and produced in compliance with ISO9002.

It’s also the reliability, flexibility and user friendliness of Lancer’s washers and dryers which have made their product range so popular. From laboratory glassware washers, to surgical instrument washing systems and endoscope cleaning units, Lancer users wouldn’t dream of using anything else. It’s the kind of customer loyalty most companies can only dream of – but Lancer has proved their commitment to their customers over forty years of providing the best in washing systems for the medical and technological sectors, setting the standards in the industry for performance and quality.

Lancer provides world class service and support for customers, assisting with technical issues and even offering custom-designed washing systems to meet the demands of specific applications. For decades, the company has been providing the latest in specialty washing machines and the company is dedicated to continuing to provide the scientific and clinical markets with the solutions they need to keep pace with a fast moving world.