Lactate Analysis and Glucose Analyzer Range From YSI

YSI UK specializes in the sale and service of sensor technology, real time systems and instruments for the UK biosystems market. Lactate analysis and glucose analyzer products are among its many offerings. The range of biosystem analyzers available from YSI include:

YSI 7100 MBS

The YSI 7100 MBS is suited for testing application in production environments and pilot plants as well as in the laboratory. A powerful and upgradable multi-parameter bioanalytical system, the 7100 MBS includes features which make it a favored productivity tool for a variety of applications. Using YSI’s acclaimed sensor technology as a foundation, the YSI 7100 MBS adds improved efficiency, versatility and intelligence for the benefit of users.

Customizable for as many as three sensor modules, each with up to two chemistry sensors, these systems have the ability to measure six different parameters at one time, supporting glucose analyzer and lactate analysis functionality. Existing chemistries supported include:

Glucose – Lactate – Glutamine – Glutamate – Ammonium – Potassium – Xylose – Ethanol – Methanol -Sucrose – Galactose


The fast and versatile YSI 270 SELECT is a biochemistry analyzer which provides quick and accurate analysis of important nutrients and byproducts in bioprocessing, biofuel and food and beverage applications. Benchtop and online sample analysis as well as online or batch (with turntable) process monitoring and control options are available with this instrument.

Configurable to perform in single or dual analyte mode, the 2700 SELECT allows analytes to be combined including popular combinations and applications such as: glucose/lactate analysis, glutamine/glutamate, sucrose/glucose and xylose/glucose analyzer functions.

Existing chemistries supported include:

Glucose – Lactate – Glutamine – Glutamate – Ethanol – Lactose – Sucrose – Galactose – Hydrogen Peroxide – Methanol – Starch – Choline – Xylose

YSI 2300 STAT Plus

YSI’s biochemistry analysis products have set the industry standard for more than twenty five years. The 2300 STAT Plus from YSI has earned accolades for its speed, ease of use and the high standards of performance provided by all YSI products.

A flexible and highly configurable measurement system for the laboratory, the YSI 2300 STAT Plus performs lactate analysis in whole blood or plasma and simultaneously doubles as a glucose analyzer. The 2300 STAT Plus can also be configured to measure only glucose or only lactate in blood, plasma, serum or cerebrospinal fluid. It’s a nearly turnkey biochemistry analysis instrument, needing only the proper sensor and reagents for your requirements.

YSI 1500 Sport

Lactate measurement is important to the training of professional athletes. Coaches engaged in training college, professional and Olympic level athletics use lactate levels to set the pace for training regimens to prevent the overtraining of athletes.

The portable YSI 1500 Sport allows for simple and accurate measurement, monitoring and lactate analysis. The 1500 provides laboratory quality results in a convenient handheld system, taking measurements and storing them in memory in a minute or less.

YSI 8500 BioVision Dissolved Carbon Dioxide Monitor

Along with a glucose analyzer, the YSI 8500 provides precise measurement of vital data related to fermentation and cell culture processes in real time or plotted on a graphical display. YSI’s patented opto-chemical sensor technologies incorporated into this system provide insight into cell metabolism and other processes underway in bioreactors.

Data may be uploaded to an external computer or the device’s output incorporated into existing control processes, with data points being logged at user-defined intervals as frequent as every 15 seconds.

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