Laboratory Water Purification Systems Offer 150 Litres Per Day

Since it was first launched in 2005, Merck Millipore’s Direct-Q laboratory water purification system has acquired a reputation for reliability and ease of use, with a dedicated and ever-expanding user base of scientists across a variety of disciplines who depend on the Direct-Q® all-in-one systems to produce pure and ultrapure water directly from potable tap water.

Merck Millipore has used customer feedback to inform its product development, and has now launched its brand new range of Direct-Q laboratory water purification system products, offering increased capabilities and greater ease of use.

The new Direct-Q product range features compact, all-in-one systems that can supply 50 litres, 100 litres or 150 litres of pure water per day – and up to 30 litres per hour of ultrapure water.

While the systems’ pure water output is ideal for general laboratory glassware washing or final rinsing, the ultrapure water produced by this laboratory water purification system can be used for more critical applications, including the preparation of blanks and standard solutions for spectroscopy, spectrophotometry and other analytical techniques, the production of mobile phase for chromatographic separations, and for the preparation of buffers in biochemical experimentation applications.

As well as offering compact systems that avoid taking up valuable laboratory space, the new Direct-Q range offers users unprecedented flexibility and choice. The water production unit itself is compact and versatile enough to be stored on or under benchtops, or for wall mounting. The laboratory water purification system can be supplied with either an integrated dispenser, or a remote dispenser that provides ergonomic water delivery up to two metres away.

Remote dispensers can be either free-standing or wall-installed, providing the convenience to configure the installation to best match your laboratory’s unique needs. Various volume and flow needs are adequately catered for – depending on requirements, systems are available with reservoirs ranging from 6 litres, to 30- and 60-litre models.

In keeping with the systems’ flexible nature, water purification factors can also be tailored to your precise needs. The Direct-Q laboratory water purification system can be supplied with an inbuilt 185/254 nm UV lamp, which efficiently reduces the level of organics for critical applications. A range of Application Pak polishers are also available from Merck Millipore, allowing further customisation of water quality for various applications that might require the removal of bacteria, endocrine disrupters, pyrogens or volatile organic compounds.

With a simple and intuitive user interface that utilises colour graphic displays, and easy, infrequent system maintenance requirements, it’s easy to see why Merck Millipore’s Direct-Q range is the first choice of laboratory water purification system for users in a variety of scientific and research environments.