Laboratory Power Supply

Today Lambda is offering digital controlled modules to the NV-Power family. These are configurable AC-DC power supply products built to increase overall power output as high as 1450 peak rating. It lasts for 10 seconds, but is enough to satisfy the demand for 1U high configurable power solutions (over 1000W). It could be in ATE, automation, broadcast, instrumentation, medical markets, as a laboratory power supply or even various servers and security networks.

The idea is to incorporate design features and customisations as long as they pertained to the application’s requirements. This is a huge benefit when it comes to medical use, especially with the input-to-output isolation meeting the 4kVac requirements. One of these modules is the integrated magnetic transformer.

Less integrated designs like the long list of comparators, op amps, and various other components are now employed by an NV-Power, 8-bit microcontroller. These are built to handle all the housekeeping routines. The overall parts reduction has reached 50%, so the power components receive 40% more board space. Due to the high peak power ratings, the designers see up to 19W/in3 in a 1U unit.

750W peak for 10 seconds is what the NV-350 range offers, and allows for as many as 6 configurable outputs. The MRT features provide performance of less than 300uA at 264Vac/63Hz with ELC (earth leakage current).

Choosing the NV-700 laboratory power supply range will provide as much as 1150W power over as many as 8 configurable outputs. If you’re looking that the single-output C module it offers 3 slots wide and comes in either 12V, 15V, or 24V outputs. These offer 450W and 600W peak power over a 10-second period. The low leakage current is extremely helpful, even on the EN55011/55022 curve B EMC as standard.

If you want a wide range of output voltage and current combinations, it’s definitely possible with these output modules. By taking advantage of the NV-Power Configurator, Lambda’s designers can build their own configuration online. This can be found at www.nv-power.com. The goal is to check your customised configuration and offer solutions. When you use this there are no minimum load requirements.

Reverse air cooling is available with the NV350, but this is based on preference. Those who need maximum airflow can utilise this for better cooling efficiency, which is created thanks to the low noise temperature controlled fans.

A monumental benefit is the MEG (Multiple Efficiency Gain), which produces up to 90% efficiency for the 3.2V to 64V range. You can also get them in 5V, 2A, 12V, or 1A ATX. However, this does depend on the configuration.

Each of the products you see here today are approved for general purpose, medical applications, laboratory power supply applications, and process control applications. They also carry a CE mark as well as a 3yr warranty.

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:17:34