Since 1979, LabLogic Systems Ltd has been supplying radio HPLC, radio GC and radio TLC instruments to clients in the research and development field and a wide range of other industries.

LabLogic produces many other ranges of instruments and solutions in addition to chromatography instruments, including versatile, customizable sample tracking software, LIMS for ADME drug metabolism labs, radio-synthesis and radio HPLC systems and liquid scintillation counters. In addition to these product ranges, LabLogic is also a producer of flexible solutions for laboratory information management and sample/inventory control software, with the company having become a leading supplier of LIMS to the pharmaceutical, nuclear medicine, research and agrochemical sectors. LabLogic products are used in thousands of laboratories in more than 30 countries around the world.

LabLogic is committed to not only providing its customers with the very highest quality in laboratory instruments and software, but to continually improving its products and its manufacturing processes. The company uses a quality control system based on efficient, regular internal auditing with any problem areas identified and solutions worked towards and possible improvements studied. Improvements and solutions to problem areas are also regularly monitored for efficacy.

LabLogic’s stringent auditing procedures have enabled the company to achieve and retain its Crown and Tick and ANAB certifications. Not only does LabLogic carry out its own auditing procedures, but is dedicated to listening to and responding to customer concerns and suggestions as well as undergoing external monitoring and audits by ISOQAR to ensure full ISO 9001 compliance. The quality assurance process is one which is far more exacting than that used by many others in the industry, but LabLogic is dedicated to remaining at the forefront of developing quality instruments which advance the state of the art; a goal the company sees as well worth going the extra mile for.