Labcold Ltd

Founded in 1932 as Boro Laboratories, the company now known as Labcold began as an analytical service for laboratories, though the company soon became an equipment provider as well.

Before long, the company had shifted its focus entirely to laboratory temperature control equipment. Labcold was the brand name of the company’s famous line of laboratory freezer, laboratory refrigerator, blood bank refrigerator and plasma freezer products – and became the name of the company itself in 2007, their 75th year in business

In the last 75 years, Labcold has become the leading producer and supplier of laboratory and medical/scientific freezer and refrigerators in the UK. Their decades of expertise in temperature control technologies has meant that they are the first company to get medical device accreditation for their range of blood banks and plasma freezers and has earned them a reputation as the company which sets the standard in laboratory refrigeration and incubators. All of Labcold’s products are manufactured in compliance with UK and EC safety standards.

It’s not only the quality and reliability of their lab freezers, laboratory, pharmacy and blood bank refrigerators which has made Labcold a success; it’s their commitment to customer service. The company’s manufacturing, repair and maintenance facilities are fully integrated to provide the best in customer experience. In addition, a team of expert Account managers are always on hand to help customers choose the right product for their needs and assist them with installation issues.

Labcold is a major supplier to the NHS, various universities and research councils and is also a significant supplier to the pharmaceutical and life sciences markets. The company is committed, as ever to continual growth and developing further advances in scientific and medical refrigeration technology.