Lab water purification for biomedical applications

Merck Millipore’s new all-in-one water purification system has been specifically designed for clinical analyzers, making it the perfect choice for all biomedical applications.

The life science division of Merck KGaA of Germany developed the Elix Gulfstream Clinical water purification system to provide up to 100 litres per hour and 2,000 litres of clinical laboratory reagent water (CLRW) daily. It features the Millipore Elix electrodeionization technology as well as improved reverse osmosis cartridges, two complementary technologies that extend the lifetime and so reduce running costs.

The importance of clean water in the lab

Inconsistent pure water quality can cause major problems in the lab, resulting in costly downtime, disruption to sample processing and reduced output.

The Elix Gulfstream Clinical system addresses this issue by providing biomedical labs with a reliable, constant source of pure water for their analyzers thanks to the robust design and proven technology. The water produced meets the system meets the most stringent standards for the Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) for CLRW.

It not only provides excellent water quality but also helps laboratory managers optimize the space in labs, explains Sean Murphy, Merck Millipore Lab Water product manager. “The all-in-one design and small footprint let users install the system in limited space. Everything needed for operation is pre-installed in or on the system cabinet,” he continues.

The biomedical environment also benefits from the fast and efficient service support provided by Millipore and the company’s experts.