Kivex Biotec Ltd

K-Systems/Kivex Biotec began in 1985 as Henning Knudsen Engineering, entering the in vitro fertilization industry just a few years after shortly after the first in vitro fertilization to successfully result in a full term pregnancy – and the birth of Louise Brown in the United Kingdom.

Historically, IVF equipment has been produced by borrowing and adapting technologies already in use by other sciences; this was the case until K-Systems began to produce IVF solutions which were developed specifically to address the unique requirements of applications in the IVF laboratory. Kivex Biotec works closely with embryologists and other IVF professionals to produce K-Systems products which are ideally suited for the IVF lab environment.

Today, Kivex Biotec and its K-Systems IVF equipment including its range of laminar flow hoods and laminar flow cabinets are the industry leader in the IVF market. The company is acknowledged as one of the driving forces behind the technological advancement in the field of IVF equipment and is the name that embryologists think of first when in vitro fertilization workstations and other equipment is the topic of discussion.

Kivex Biotec backs up its innovative, user friendly equipment for the IVF laboratory with world class service and support through its worldwide network of distributors and technical support staff who are intimately familiar with K-Systems products and their applications in the laboratory.