Ion Chromatography Is Effortless with IonQuest

Cecil Instruments’ IonQuest new and improved CE 4710 Conductivity Detector produces flat, stable baselines and high sensitivities due to its continuously regenerated chemical carbonate suppressor colums. Gradient usage is effortless and the columns can be equilibrated in little time.

IonQuest Is Versatile

IonQuest is a single ion chromatography solution for a wide variety of uses and is suitable for any set of requirements and standards, including EPA method compliance. Your choice of columns, pumps, eluents, pretreatment of samples and column conditions are exactly that – your choice! IonQuest is easily adaptable to your requirements, supporting a vast range of analytical columns.

Ultra Low-Drift For Stable, Reliable Results

The detector cell features extremely stable temperature control, adding to the low drift of the IonQuest CE 4710 ion chromatography system. This is a conductivity detector with drift so low that when combined with Cecil Instruments’ always reliable autosamples, overnight unattended runs can be performed with peace of mind.

High Pressure Mixing Gradients For Streamlined Method Development

Using pulse-free pumps controlled by a dedicated microprocessor, you can achieve controlled, repeatable mobile phase mixtures to 0.1% levels. IonQuest gives you the best gradients through swift response to concentration changes and a very low incidence of bubbling in the mixed mobile phase. Pumping can be done across a wide range of volumes; and low volume pumping increments are of course available to make method development smoother and more transferrable.

Detector Options

IonQuest’s versatility doesn’t end with its own built-in features. All of your ion chromatography requirements can be met through the use of additional scanners including refractive index, fluorescence, UV/visible, electrochemical and WaveQuest UV/visible ultra-fast scanning detectors.

You can use an electrochemical detector to analyze catecholamines in blood plasma even as you analyze anions with a conductivity detector.

IonQuest lets you detect sugars in wine using an electrochemical or refractive index detector while you detect organic acids with a conductivity detector.

IonQuest is a cost effective, all-in-one ion chromatography solution which also lets you analyze sodium content in food and beverage products, the metal content of soil, amino acids, bromide in water and much more.