HPLC Columns from labhut

Labhut is a distributor of scientific and laboratory equipment including a wide range of HPLC columns. The Cronus range of columns distributed by Labhut include columns suitable for a variety of applications and different chemistries. The range includes:

Cronusil-H Columns – these are very high purity packing columns which provide a replacement for Hypersil columns. These columns are very mechanically and chemically stable, providing an exceptional degree of reproducibility and reliable performance. This end-capped spherical HPLC columns are well suited to many different chemistries and are ideal for a wide range of applications. Cronusil-H columns are available in BDS C18 and ODS versions.

Cronusil-M C18 Columns – the Cronusil-M C18 is a very pH tolerant silica packing which is well suited for both basic and acidic metabolites and pharmaceuticals. These columns permit working with eluents with pH from 1 to 12. Cronusil-M HPLC columns are perfect for reverse phase chromatography applications. Silica provides a superior balance of chemical inertness and physical resistance to provide efficient, reproducible results every time and is compatible with virtually every solvent.

Made from ultra pure materials, the silica particles used in Cronusil-M columns are made under tightly controlled conditions to prevent contamination. The result of this optimized manufacturing and processing is a perfectly spherical, inert and rigid particle with a very low metal content – one of the key factors which provides Cronusil-M columns with their specific properties.

Cronusil-L Columns – a new range of packings using the latest in chemical functionalization and synthesis, Cronusil-L HPLC columns provide performance which exceeds that of all other silica-based packings currently available.

The silica particle which is used in Cronusil-L packings are made using the purest materials and manufactured under carefully controlled conditions to produce a perfectly spherical particle which is totally porous and has an extremely low metal content.

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