HORIBA Medical

HORIBA Medical produces haematology analyser and chemistry analyserranges which push the envelope of performance, ease of use and sample throughput with every new model, year after year. It’s all part of HORIBA’s corporate culture, whose aim is to increase the sum total of human knowledge while making the world a little safer, healthier and happier place for everyone. It’s a lofty goal, but one which the company is thoroughly committed to pursuing; and the results of this effort are benefits for the entire world.

HORIBA’s emphasis is on creating the kind of products which are both user friendly, ergonomic and capable of meeting the demands of clinical laboratories.

When timely turnaround of sample volumes is vital to clinical outcomes or ensuring a better patient experience, it’s nearly certain that a HORIBA product for haematology analysis is at work behind the scenes, efficiently processing samples for the quickest possible diagnostic assay times.

If you require a product for biochemistry research or very specific testing applications, then HORIBA Medical can offer a chemistry analyzer solution that not only offers the capability of low sample volume processing, but one that can also be adapted to suit the particular requirements of the end-user by offering an open system configuration.

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