The HEL Group is the leader in process optimization and reaction hazard evaluation technologies. This international group of companies is a worldwide provider and distributor of reactive hazard assessment and process screening, development and optimization solutions for the chemical/petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.

The HEL Group brings their extensive expertise in chemistry to bear on solving chemical process issues for clients through systems including laboratory reactors from their bench reactor block range to full pilot scale reactor systems which include feed systems, reactor vessels, heating/cooling equipment and automatable computer control systems.

HEL produces systems for the calorimetry lab, an essential part of process safety, viability and optimization assessment. Their range of reaction hazard assessment runs from adiabatic calorimeter systems to fully customizable modular reactor and calorimetry systems for virtually any application. All of HEL’s process optimization and hazard evaluation solutions are backed by comprehensive technical support from the group’s global network of expert engineers and chemists.

Established as a consultancy in 1987, the HEL Group has steadily expanded since day one and has a team of expert chemical engineers and chemists on staff at its UK headquarters, the site of HEL’s testing facility. The group provides services from reaction hazard assessment, design of venting and emergency relief systems, flammability testing of vapors and dust and DOE process optimization services.

The HEL Group’s chemistry experience allows their service and support team to offer advice, consulting and training for safety management, HAZOP studies, testing applications in the calorimetry lab and use of the equipment provided by HEL from the simplest bench reactor to the most sophisticated models in their adiabatic calorimeter range and everything in between – including the design and implementation completely custom reaction safety assessment and reaction modeling systems.

More than 10% of HEL’s manufacturing personnel are engaged in software development. Led by a chemical engineer, the software development team works to provide ever more user friendly and powerful software solutions; the goal of all of HEL’s R&D efforts. The corporate culture of the HEL Group encourages each and every staff member to engage in improving the group’s products and services – and approach which has allowed HEL to be a world leader in innovative technologies.