Genevac Ltd

Genevac, a subsidiary of SP Scientific, has established itself as the world leading developer and supplier of laboratory evaporators, sample concentrator products and lyophilisation systems.

Today – Genevac solvent evaporator products, concentrators and lyophilisation systems are benefiting scientists operating in research, quality control and production laboratories across a diverse range of applications markets including Clinical & Diagnostic Testing, DNA & Oligonucleotide Research, Environmental Analysis, Food & Beverage Analysis, Metabolism & Toxicology Studies, Natural Products Research, Protein & Peptide Research, Drug Analysis and Post Purification Sample Handling.

The workhorse of Genevac’s evaporator product range is the EZ-2 Series of personal benchtop centrifugal evaporators. Designed specifically for solvent removal, be that concentration of samples or complete drying – EZ-2 evaporators now come with fully optimisable methods and nitric acid resistance.

For scientists looking for the leading-edge in evaporator performance, productivity and applications flexibility – Genevac offers the HT Series II Evaporator range. Designed to provide very high performance coupled with ease of use in a compact benchtop footprint the highly affordable miVac range has rapidly establishing itself the sample concentrator of choice in laboratories dealing with biological samples.

As part of Genevac’s continuous programme of collaborative research and development, the latest introduction to its range of products is the Rocket Solvent Evaporator. Drawing upon novel patented evaporation technology the Rocket is able to rapidly evaporate large volumes of solvent from multiple flasks simultaneously making it of considerable interest to Environmental, ADME-Toxicology, Natural Product and Clinical laboratories.