Fritsch GmbH

Fritsch is one of the world’s leading suppliers of laboratory instruments for particle size analysis and sample preparation. The company offers a particle size measurement range, laboratory mill products and a selection of dividers, feeders and ultrasonic cleaner products. They all contribute towards a package of products which make up their Pulverisette lab mill, Laborette and Analysette ranges – all are known for their superb efficiency and high performance.

Fritsch instruments are used in laboratories all over the world for technical research and materials analysis applications as well as in industrial process and quality control applications. Their instruments provide the quality, accuracy and versatility to provide the perfect measurement or sample preparation solution for nearly any environment or application.

Fritsch’s attention to reliability and usability in the design process have made this company the name to turn to for sample preparation and particle size analysis. All of the company’s instruments are produced in compliance with the ISO 9001:2000 standards for quality and bear the CE mark.

The company also provides extensive customer service, even providing measurement and analysis for buyers unsure of the right instrument for their applications to help them choose the best instrument for their needs and offering a long term warranty which even includes spare parts as needed. Fritsch’s worldwide network of support and service personnel ensures that their customers are never more than a phone call away from the advice, support and training that they need.

Fritsch believes in the quality of their innovative technological solutions for the laboratory, which is why all of their particle size measurement instruments and laboratory mill range are covered by their comprehensive technical support, service and user training. It’s why the company has managed to create not only admirers, but loyal customers in every corner of the world.