FRITSCH Delivers Particle Measuring Innovation At Achema 2012

Europe’s leading exhibition and trade fair for the processing and chemical engineering industries, ACHEMA 2012, is due to be held in Frankfurt this year from 18-22 June. ACHEMA has a worldwide reputation for showcasing the best and most innovative technology and products for a wide variety of industry sectors, and this year FRITSCH will be taking the opportunity to display items from their range of cutting edge particle sizers.

As an internationally respected manufacturer of laboratory instruments, FRITSCH is renowned as a manufacturer at the forefront of technological innovation. The company brings that pioneering approach to bear on its newly expanded range of flexible and reliable particle measuring devices.

The Particle Sizer ANALYSETTE 28 range offers swift performance in the analysis of particle size and shape through Dynamic Image Analysis. The ANALYSETTE 28 is available in two different models: the ImageSizer and the ImageTec. Featuring a high-speed and high-performance 5 megapixel camera with four telecentric lenses, the ImageSizer delivers fast and adaptable particle size analysis in powders and bulk solids in the measuring range from 20 nanometres to 20 millimetres; while the five lens ImageTec model is designed to analyse particles in suspensions and emulsions from 1 nanometre to 2 millimetres.

Another addition to FRITSCH’s particle sizer product range is the new AutoSampler for the Laser Particle Sizers ANALYSETTE 22 MicroTec plus and NanoTec plus. Featuring intelligent sample feeding, dispersion, measurement and cleaning, the AutoSampler introduces an impressive level of automation to your sampling process. The unit incorporates up to twenty-six 40 millilitre sample containers, helping bring convenience and processing efficiency to any laboratory environment.

Also for the Laser Particle Sizers ANALYSETTE 22 range, FRITSCH has introduced a new Small Volume Wet Dispersion Unit – an illuminated ultrasonic bath for dispersion of small sample volumes down to just 50 millilitres. Featuring powerful 100 watt ultrasonic power and automatic rinsing, the Small Volume Wet Dispersion Unit delivers simple operation and reproducible results.

For the precise determination of particle size distributions, FRITSCH’s range of particle measurement instruments provides ease of use and high reliability. You can learn more about these and other FRITSCH products at ACHEMA 2012, where representatives will be happy to answer any questions at Hall 4.1, Booth J49.