Fischer Instrumentation (GB) Ltd

The Helmut Fischer Group specializes in the development, design and production of precision X ray analysis and measurement instruments which are used in applications across a wide range of industries.

Fischer is the company the world turns to for material analysis, plating solutions and coating thickness measurement amongst many other X-ray spectrophotometry applications. The company is dedicated to developing new technologies and delivering solutions which advance entire economic sectors, something which Fischer has become known for worldwide.

With decades of experience in providing customers with non-destructive X-ray material analysis and measurement systems, Fischer delivers its one of a kind approach to X-ray analysis and new product development, continually exceeding customer expectations and being the first to introduce novel systems and methods for coating thickness measurement, element detection and more.

Fischer’s instruments incorporate features developed in response to customer need, including:

  • Large sample chambers capable of accommodating complete assemblies
  • Adjustable X-ray beam size from 50 micrometers to millimeters for material analysis of everything from PCB tracks and small components to bulk metals, solutions and powders
  • Programmable XY stages permitting array measurements to be made over an entire assembly or automated measurements of multiple samples.
  • Focus mechanisms which permit up close examination of bores and recesses
  • Measurement and analysis capabilities which include under layers and substrates, not just coatings

Fischer’s X-ray expertise includes but is by no means limited to the following areas:

Material Analysis,
RoHS/WEEE compliance,
High Reliability > 3% Pb Content Solders,
Counterfeit Component Identification,
Obsolescent Component Replacement,
Precious Metal Assay,
Coating Thickness Measurement.