Eppendorf UK Limited

For more than 60 years, Eppendorf has been providing the scientific and clinical research communities with the best in laboratory equipment and scientific instruments. From automatic pipette equipment to a range of microcentrifuge instruments, Eppendorf is the brand of choice for the life sciences laboratory. Their automated pipettes, refrigerated centrifuge units and more are known the world over for quality, high performance and exceptional value.

Throughout the life sciences research and clinical testing sectors, Eppendorf is a familiar name. The company is the favored centrifuge manufacturer in laboratories of all sizes and laboratory personnel and managers alike know that when you choose an Eppendorf centrifuge price is never an object; and performance and reliability are never issues!

The company’s strict attention to quality throughout the manufacturing process is second to none. From their painstaking research and development processes, integration of the latest technological advances and quality control which is second to none, Eppendorf is committed to producing only instruments which lead the industry in quality and performance. For over six decades, it’s a policy the company has maintained; and it’s why Eppendorf is the trusted name it is today.

Eppendorf is a name which is synonymous with pipettes and centrifuges – the automated pipettes and other automatic pipette solutions the company produces are known as the world’s best. They are also the centrifuge manufacturer known for creating the most advanced and quietest microcentrifuge and refrigerated centrifuge units which provide unbeatable performance and reproducibility which simply cannot be matched by any other company in the world.

Eppendorf customers know that not only do they get the highest standards of performance with the company’s products but also the highest standards of service and support. With an extensive network of sales and support personnel as well as expedited repair and other services, the already unparalleled value of Eppendorf products rises to a level which the competition can only aspire to.